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23 weeks today 💗


Just a quick one today as I’m still very much enjoying my little holiday break 🙂

Today I reached 23 weeks! Yay! I would usually kick off today with a post all about last week (week 22) but unfortunately this weeks postings will be a little late as I only have wifi on my phone down here.

As a result, I’m going to be a little quiet until we get back to Berkshire this Friday, but fear not! As soon as I have full internet access I will be boring you all entertaining you all in the usual fashion 🙂

I attach a pic of my ever growing bump as of today and a beautiful shot of the sea here in the Swanage.

As always, thanks for reading 🙂




Week 21: A Rainbow for my Rainbow…

Week 21: A Rainbow for my Rainbow…

“Your baby weighs almost a pound now, even if you’re having twins. Movements of your baby are deliberate and with the purpose of preparing its motor skills and coordination. Even though hair is growing on your baby’s head, the colour will be white as the pigment has not yet developed. Your baby’s skin is wrinkled and is of a pinkish-red colour, but still translucent. The limbs are proportionate, but your baby is still very thin, weighing approximately one seventh of the final weight at birth. Your baby’s brain is beginning to have a period of rapid growth and delevlopment.

Your uterus has reached about an inch above your belly button. Leg cramps can become an unpleasant issue for women around this point. From now on its possible to have some leakage from your nipples at any time; this is just your breast preparing to breast feed your baby. If you are experiencing back ache it’s likely to be bothering you more. Your lower back is experiencing a lot of strain. Your physiotherapist may recommend a pelvic support belt to help ease your pain, especially if you suffer from PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain). If you haven’t noticed them yet, stretch marks may be beginning to appear.” My Pregnancy App- Health and Parenting Ltd

We kicked off this week with another set of scans which all went well! I posted the pics in one of my previous blog posts, but if you want to check them out (and didn’t see them before) the link to the post is here. We finally got a good view of princess face on so the sonographer was able to finish checking for all anomalies and everything seems fine 🙂

I had a little panic attack when my cervical scan pulled up a shorter measurement than it had before but, after a phone call to my consultant, she assured me it’s perfectly normal for my cervical measurements to decrease at this point and that my results (38mm) are still very good. However, she did offer to do another cervical scan for me at my next appointment with her the day before I go on a little local-ish holiday to put mind at rest for the break. I see her again Thursday 13th Feb, which means I get to see princess again too- bonus! 🙂

The bump is getting bigger, which I love. No sign of any stretch marks yet… I have a little routine where I apply baby oil in the morning, first thing after a shower, and last thing at night before bed. I also apply bump cream during the day at work. It’s not a vanity issue- I just love massaging my bump! It makes princess kick and stops my growing skin from itching, but if helps prevent stretch marks I’m not complaining!


In keeping with the whole positive-energy-over-negative-energy vibe, I’m still trying to channel my creative streak. This week I’ve decided on new decor for the hallway, living room and kitchen.

I’ve gone with a kind of American Diner theme in the hallway and kitchen. I adore old fashioned, shabby style plaques and bright coloured advertising tins, so I the idea is to select some of my favourites and some that I think represent mine and Mr W’s tastes and passions and intersperse them with lovely, glossy black and white photos of our friends and family. I’m also in the process of asking my step dad if I can rummage through his collection of vinyls and steal any unwanted ones to put on the walls too!

I took the idea from the 50’s American Diner restaurant we have nearby. Every time we visit I find the decor just as interesting as the food! I’m a very visual person and I love looking at all the different pieces around the room, imagining what it was actually like to live in time period. I love the way they cover the walls from top to bottom in different pictures, vinyls and tins. It’s chaotic, colourful, bright and interesting- exactly what I’m looking for!

I want the living room to have a relaxed, peaceful and clean feel to it. I want it to be a light, airy, comfy space that people can feel happy and at ease in. The words romantic/shabby chic spring to mind. We’re lucky enough to have the benefits of two windows and a full glass back door which enable a lot of light into the room during spring and summer.

The colour scheme is going to be a lot more laid back and soft in this room; lots of cream and mink colours with shabby chic tables and of course my big squishy sofa that should be here in a few weeks. We’re going to keep a little bit of colour in the room by leaving the bright purple feature wall that we already have painted- even in one of the most serene rooms of my home I still want to keep a little bit of colour!

This is all a massive work in progress which should keep my mind pretty busy up until the birth of baby wood. After the living room, kitchen and hallway I want to spruce up the bathroom and our bedroom; then finally decorate princesses room ready for her arrival. This will be my last port of call. I have tons of ideas already stored up in my head but I don’t want to act on any of them until I get to the 30/34 week mark- I have good reasons for my superstitious behaviour!


I’m actually looking quite forward to going for the week soon. It should be a great opportunity for me to relax and unwind as well as hopefully finding some more inspiration. We are staying in a little cosy cottage with a log fire and the town is supposed to be idealic, with cathedrals, castles and beachfront nearby. I’m always calmer, contented and more at peace when I’m near the sea, I find it incredibly comforting- Probably one of the reasons I chose to get married on a beach!- Even without the sun shining its bound to keep my spirits high!

Although I try to stay positive at all times it’s hard not to have a mini panic attack every now and then. Especially as I come closer to the 24 week mark which saw the arrival of Harry.

I noticed something strange but bizarrely comforting this week. This baby is classed as my rainbow baby (a baby conceived after a loss) I haven’t seen a rainbow in at least 2 years, maybe longer. I’m sure they were still about but I just didn’t happen to see any. In the last 3 weeks I’ve seen no less than four big beautiful rainbows and everyone has appeared either the day or day after a particularly big freak out.

I like to think this is a little sign telling me not to worry, that everything will be fine. A rainbow for my rainbow. It’s more than likely nothing more than a huge coincidence but I’m not hurting anyone by taking comfort out of it, so I do. Plus rainbows are lovely colourful, natural things- from what you know about me, I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise that I think they’re beautiful!

Highlight of the week? Seeing our beautiful princess in our scan. As lovely as it was to see the back of her head and bum for three consecutive scans (the most beautiful back of head and bum ever!) it was wonderful to see her face!

Low of the week? Realising half way through a wee at work that I had forgot to lock the bathroom door… Those footsteps in the corridor reeeeally helped speed things along! If you ever need waking up a “danger wee” is definitely the way to do it! Will I ever get my pre-baby brain back?