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Day 2 #30DaysWild


Today we planted courgettes and aubergines! πŸ†πŸŒ±


100 Happy Days- Day 2:

100 Happy Days- Day 2:

Sing & Sign

So today we had our first sing and sign lesson and The Lamb loved it! She spent most of the time alternating between squealing in glee and rolling around grabbing other baby’s feet and toys instead of actually watching the signs but she had a great time!

She hasn’t really had the opportunity to play with similarly aged children before and you could see how interested she was in them; watching them play, looking all concerned when someone cried and smiling away to everyone, it was fab to see!


Of course, it’s becoming apparent that I can’t go anywhere without making a tit out of myself, after I drove off with the pack on the roof of my car and had to go back for another! Making matters worse, about 2 hours after, I realised I still had my sticky “Connie” name badge on the front of my dress- Connie wouldn’t wear it herself- and had been merrily walking round in public with it stuck there without realising…

Anyway, now Connie and I both seem to have made our presence known, we’re definitely going back for the next session!

This week we have 5 signs to practice; eat, drink, more, milk and all gone (or finished) and so far my baby brain seems to have retained them all along with a few extras demonstrated during the day… Now all I need to do is remember to used them!