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Day 5 #30DaysWild


Penguins at Peppa Pig World!


100 Happy Days- Day 5:


A Foody Kinda Day!

Today, The Lamb and I, went out for lunch with my Grandma, Mum and Step-Dad.

I had the Five Bean Chilli- it was lush! The Lamb had, well, everyone’s food from everyones plates! Roast potatoes, veg, chicken & a new favourite treat- Dairylea Dunkers!


It was nice to get out and catch up with the family and even better when I noticed The Body Shop had a massive sale on and treated myself to some GORGEOUS face and body care.

I have really funny skin, not necessarily sensitive but it reacts to anything and everything; diet, heating, sleep, water, the weather, wrong make up brands, you name it, it will make it flare up!

So obviously with my recent blow out at Xmas and now new exercise regime its looking a little worse for wear on my face and arms so a quadruple dose of their Vitamin C range is just what I need right now!


To make the day even better, my lovely husband cooked tea while I relaxed on the sofa and read a book 🙂 annnnd he even went out and got me one of my fav blueberry muffins and a hot water bottle for my disgustingly painful shoulder!

I slept funny last night and have proper ballsed my neck and shoulder up- fingers crossed it’ll get better soon!


In other news, The Lamb is double cutting teeth! Hopefully they come through quickly so we can pass this ASAP… Saying that, she’s not been too badly effected so far! Aside from being slightly grumpy the last two nights, from about 6 until 7.30, she’s pretty much been her normal self…

… Long may it continue!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I managed 3 days in a row without doing something dickish and embarrassing myself! Walking back from the car, when out for lunch, the contact lens in my right eye started irritating me… You know how as you walk past a load of people sometimes you catch a strangers eye and smile to take the awkwardness away?

Well this happened to me with an older lady as I walked through the pub, but not only did I catch her eye and smile, I winked at her! Yes WINKED at her! Obviously not intentionally! I was irritated by the aforementioned contact lens! But all the same it looked odd and the smile on her face quickly dried up to be replaced by a look like she was staring at one not quite in her right mind! (she wouldn’t be entirely wrong here!)

Nether-the-less, I held my head high, ignored the colour rising in my cheeks and marched over to our table.

I had not long got over this sorry episode, than the same lady- Yes the VERY SAME lady- walked over to our table, declared that her name was Mrs Gore and that she used to teach my mother Biology- no I am not making this up- so I had to sit there and smile and introduce myself to a woman all-the-while both of us pretending I had not winked at her just 10 minutes earlier, whilst smiling and eerily maintaining eye contact…

… The joys!