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Week 37: Holy shit that hurts!!


“Your baby weighs close to 2.8kg and may be about 48.6cm long from head to toe. Your baby’s head is now cradled in your pelvic cavity – surrounded and protected by your pelvic bones. This position clears some much needed space for her growing legs and buttocks.

Many babies now have a full head of hair, with locks up to 3.5cm long. And then, of course, some babies don’t have any hair at all. Speaking of hair, most of the downy coat of lanugo that covered your baby from 26 weeks has disappeared, and so has most of the vernix caseosa, the protective whitish substance that also covered her. Your baby will swallow her lanugo and exterior coating, along with other secretions, and store them in her bowels. These will become her first poo, a blackish waste called meconium”- My Pregnancy App, Health & Parenting

Last week, after going to the consultant for what we hoped would be the last time, we were told we had to come back this week to see our consultant. They also wanted to perform another scan as baby’s bladder was quite full and distended.

At 37+3 weeks, the husband and I made our way back to the consultant. The consultant performed a quick scan and thankfully baby had been for a wee and her bladder was looking normal again- looks like she just has a super strong bladder that can hold a large amount of wee!

The consultant also confirmed that now I was 37 weeks I was no longer classed as “high risk” which was fabulous to know! Although I don’t think I’ll ever relax, reaching this point has lifted a load from mine and the hubbies shoulders. We also have an induction date of the 26th June, 10 days past my due date. So if princess is late at least I know I will be being induced on the 26th!

My pelvic girdle pain has reached an all time high… or should I say low! I now have my mums walking stick with me everywhere. I can’t sit down, lie down or stand up without being in pain now. The pain is indestribable; it literally feels like my bones are being pushed apart from the inside! I get shooting pains, aching pains, sharp pains, dull pains… pains. Ugh.

In other news, I have finally finished work! The feeling is surreal- I’m going to be at home with a baby soon! Ekk! To celebrate my last day, a few of us went to the the local pub for lunch which was lovely. They also surprised me with some pressies for baba! Summer hats, a little dress, top and leggings and a hand and foot imprint set which was lovely 🙂 Also a little duck bath thermometer which was a great idea!

The only thing I’m not looking forward to about finishing is that my pelvic pain is so much better at work, I think it must be a lot to do with my straight backed office chair so I’m more upright? Either way its going to get worse and in the worse case scenario I had another month left of being pregnant! 😦

Highlight of the week? Baby is looking good and I’ve finished work!

Low of the week? Pelvic pain 😦



Week 36: Labour signs?!


“Your baby is still packing on the pounds- at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. She’s shedding most of the downy hair that covered her body as well as the vernix, the waxy substance that covered her body and protected her skin during her nine month amniotic fluid bath!” -My Pregnancy App, Health & Parenting

The end is close and can’t come quick enough for me! As I type I am exactly 37 weeks pregnant and quite a lot has happened these past week…

Firstly, my MRSA swabs came back negative- which is good, the midwife didn’t have any reason to think it would come back positive but you never know! Secondly, I had what I was hoping would be my last consultant appointment…

You may remember a few weeks ago me posting that I saw the registrar, as my consultant was away, and he booked me in for a nice detailed scan of princess and weight gestimate. We were also hoping that at 36+3 this would be my last consultant appointment what with being 4 days from being classed as “full term”- my personal goal.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that although we’ve had scans pretty much every other week from 8 weeks, we’ve struggled to actually see princess as she tends to hide from the scanner! We purchased our voucher for pictures before hand (which is the protocol at our hospital) and excitedly waited for a glimpse of our princess!

Quickly we realised that would not be possible, not only had princess grown to such a size that seeing anything was practically impossible, her head was so far down in my pelvis and facing my spine (the correct position) that we could barely see her neck! That would explain the insane increase in PGP I have been experiencing! But more on that later!

The sonographer guessed her weight to be 6 pound 2 at 36+3 weeks, little fatty! That weight is more accurate to a 38 weeker than a 36 weeker! However, she predicted her full term weight to be 7 pound 4, which isn’t too scary. I know these scans aren’t 100% accurate but it’s still exciting to see how my little one is doing.

In other news, the sonographer noticed that princess seemed to have a really large and full bladder. I was told it was not something to overly worry about and that she would pass the news on to the covering doctors because- yep, you guessed it!- my consultant was away again.

After an hour and a half wait for the doctor, who needed a second opinion, we were told he was confident the bladder was nothing to worry about but on the safe side to come back again next week to meet with the consultant, and that I would need to meet with her before I got to my due date anyway.

In symptom related news my PGP is really starting to give me grief… I’ve taken to walking with one of my mums walking sticks she uses for hikes when we go out. I can just about manage life at work, although! I’m starting to find the stairs a struggle- still I’m not giving in just yet and using the lift!

Also this week, I’ve started to notice I’m losing bits of my mucus plug- tmi I know but I felt it necessary to share as it’s a sign that labour could be soon! I haven’t lost a big chunk or anything just tiny sploges the size of a 5p and none tinged with blood.

Restless legs are still an issue and sleeping is getting harder, I can’t seem to get comfy no matter where or how I lie! My back is aching too. When baby stretches- which is often- it hurts! It feels like she’s breaking me apart from the inside. I’m praying the end is soon!

I’m also experiencing rather a lot of period like cramps- hubby wonders if these could be Braxton hicks? I suppose it’s possible, but having never knowingly had them before I couldn’t say! Apparently your tummy goes hard and tight when your experiencing them but my tummy is always hard and tight?!

Highlight of the week? Having our scan even if we didn’t manage a picture!
Low of the week? The pain is increasing which can only be a bad thing 😦

Week 32: Distractions


“Even though her bones are hardening, the skull is still not solid and the skull bones are not fused together. This allows for head to reduce in diameter as it passes through your birth canal. Her brain is developing more distinct features and is capable of controlling breathing, digestive functions and body temperature. She can now tell the difference between night and day. Lungs are almost completely ready for breathing on their own and if your baby is born now, she would only need a little medical support.

As your discomfort increases, you will probably be wondering about methods of pain relief during child birth. It’s time to talk to your care giver about the options you have, so that you are prepared once your in labour. You’ll be gaining a pound a week at this point, half of which is baby weight. Your amniotic fluid is at its highest level now. Mild swelling at this point is normal; however, it’s very important to know the difference between this and the sweeping that occurs with preeclampsia. If you notice any symptoms such as severe or sudden swelling, stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, severe headaches or spots in vision, get immediate medical attention. Due to increased pressure in your abdomen, you’ll be urinating at all hours, which may add to your sleep woes.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting.

The nausea is yet to let up and indigestion is worse than ever 😦 I’m starting to feel quite drained and very tired too now which, although I expected it, is very unwelcome! Worst symptoms however? Two words; restless legs. Some nights I’m close to tears because they’re so bad, I just hope that they at least let up after princess is born. I used to have mild restless legs before pregnancy but nothing to how bad they are now.

In lighter news- I’m still not finding myself rushing to the toilet in the middle of night (something I have been assured by countless other mums that I would be experiencing by now!) maybe I have a super strong bladder? Maybe princess doesn’t reach my bladder at night? Either way, I’m happy and hope it stays like this for as long as possible! Frequent midnight trips to the toilet will do nothing to help my tiredness I’m sure!!

Also, I’m finding myself still pretty mobile which I’m pleased about! I do have PGP but its bearable and only flairs up after long periods of standing up and rushing around- lucky I have an office job really! I can still reach my feet- it’s not easy I won’t lie but it’s not yet impossible for me to trim my toenails and put on my shoes and socks!

This week I had a particularly short working week- off Monday, consultant Thursday and off Friday- so I only worked 2 ½ days which was nice. I’ve made the most of my time off by throwing myself into the nursery. I have now managed to wash, tumble dry and iron all princesses clothes and put away all of her 0-3 month wardrobe. All her outfits are hung up, her long sleeved vests, short sleeved vests, day onesies, night onesies and casual clothes are all folded neatly on the shelves. I’ve lined up all her 0-3 pram shoes at the bottom and sorted her socks, booties, hats and mittens into her little drawers. She’s even got a little collection of headbands building up!

For now, it looks perfect- not sure how long that will last once she’s here but now I’m enjoying seeing all her cute little clothes ready and waiting for her!

I also took a trip to Costco and stocked up on some much needed nappies and essentials! I didn’t go to overboard as I know my mum and my nan are preparing hampers full of essentials for me but the changing unit is now full of toiletries (shampoo’s, bath wash, lotion, oil, talc, sponges, cotton buds, cotton wool, grooming kit etc) as well as changing essentials like wipes, nappies, nappy cream etc. I also have a load of bibs and muslin clothes stashed away ready, as well as numerous towels, sleeping bags and blankets- she already has more blankets than I know what to do with and I’ve been told there are more on the way!

But the best news is on Friday we ordered the cot- it look perfect and I can’t wait for it to go up in the room! Me and the husband are off on Monday so the plan is to put the cot up then- can’t wait! All of this has helped immensely with distracting me from my pregnancy- as was intended- and this week I haven’t had any real moments of panic. Thankfully.

This week we had a consultant appointment in Reading. At first, I was rather pissed off to realize that we were unable to see my consultant, but the registrar turned out to be a lovely man who answered all of our questions perfectly and made us feel at ease. He suggested that, as long as I felt comfortable with it, we could go 4 weeks until our next appointment as he was very happy with how I was progressing, he also confirmed that I could stop taking cyclogest (Progestrone) at 34 weeks, as we had previously discussed.

He said he was more than happy for me to be admitted in the midwife led ward as oppose to the delivery suite- as long as I made it 37 weeks- but the best bit was he said for our next appointment (at which I will be 36+3 weeks) which will probably (hopefully!) be our last appointment (as long as she’s not too late!) we could have a more detailed and thorough scan! This really pleased me, because although we get a scan every time we see the consultant, the scan is usually done on a fairly low visibility scanner without a printer.

The last time we were given photos was at around 22 weeks and the last time we managed to catch a nice detailed look at her face was at around 24 weeks and far as weight estimate and measurements go, the consultant usually measures her head and stomach circumference and arm and leg length and tell us how many weeks she’s measuring. Eg. “she’s measuring the size of an average 23 weeker” etc etc. But this time we get a good estimate of how much she’s weighing and how much she should weigh at birth. I know these aren’t 100% but I’m still excited to see how my little princess is doing!

All in all- it’s been a fairly a good week 🙂

Highlight of the week? Sorting princess’s wardrobe out- I can’t wait to put her in all her cute little outfits 🙂
Low of the week? RESTLESS LEGS- GO AWAY NOW!!

Week 19: Think Pink!


“Your baby is now measured from crown to heel instead of crown to rump which explains the extra growth. She is now 10 inches and weighs around 10 ounces. Your baby will be developing more regular sleep patterns now and you may become more aware of them- most babies get more active when their mums try to sleep. If your baby is a boy his testes will start descending into his scrotum and if your baby is a girl, her uterus is completely developed by now. At this point in your baby’s development, most of the energy is utilized in gaining weight. The placenta has reached maximum thickness and is busy supplying the baby with nutrients and oxygen and disposing of the wastes.

Your emotional ups and down have probably leveled out by now. Despite some growing discomfort, you are better able to feel the growth of your baby and this can make the whole process more pleasurable. Your uterus is now above your belly button and you may notice that your baby’s movements might be influenced by your voice. Sing and talk to your baby and ask your partner to do the same.” My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

Week 19- This sure is going quick!

Mr. W and I had another scan this week with Helen our consultant- surprise, surprise baby was yet again rolled over so we couldn’t see her face! We did see something though, or rather lack of something… Yes, I caved and asked what the baby’s sex was! And yes, mummy’s instinct was spot on- baby is a girl! 😀

I have the will power of a lemming, really. I think it would have been easier if we had just had the one scan at 20 weeks, like most people, and then said we didn’t want to know and walked away and the deed was done. I just couldn’t cope with being presented with the opportunity every other week, more or less, to discover the sex and still finding the strength to say no! So I succumbed, curiosity won over- its pink!

photo 2

At least this way I can now start buying an influx of pink! And we can narrow our names list down to girl’s names only. I can’t actually wait to buy something small and pink! For some reason the thought of small pink things sends me a little crazy! I think the same can be said for my girlfriends who were truly delighted at the news! One of my friends, in particular, was so happy, like the happiest I’ve ever seen another person, like ecstatic! It was great!

The scan went really well and my symptoms have stayed away which is nice! I have another scan 3rd Feb and I’m seeing Helen again 13th Feb- the day before I go on holiday. My appetite is back for good, by the looks of things, which is also great news!

I’ve also finally found a place near me that does Yoga for pregnant women, so I’m starting next Thursday and I’m really looking forward to it! I’m going to try to fit in 1 or 2 light cardio sessions and 1 yoga session a week, if I can. I’m also (attempting) to start studying again. I want to clear 2 more modules before the baby gets here ideally- so it’s all go!

I’ve recently invested in some bump cream to help keep the stretch marks at bay. Stretch marks are inevitable really and if you’re going to get them there’s not much you can do- most experts now think they’re genetic! I’ve never understood people who moan on and on about having stretch marks from being pregnant- sure you don’t have a flush smooth tummy anymore; sure it’s not as toned as it was before, but before you didn’t have a beautiful little baby?? What’s more important? What would you rather have? I definitely have no qualms about forsaking my skin for a baby! Still, every little helps and I’d rather keep stretch marks to a minimum if possible! So ill keep you updated on how this pans out.

Purchased by Mr W!

Purchased by Mr W!

Highlight of the week? Bring on the Pink! ❤

Low of the week? I forgot to put the hand brake on in the car- again! Luckily, it didn’t roll into the middle of the car park…

Week 18: Crazy Cat Lady!


“Your baby is now covered with vernix (a white protective coating) that protects the skin from damage in the womb. Some babies are born with this coating; however, it decreases as the delivery date comes closer. Your baby is looking more like a baby now, with proportionate arms and legs, presence of fat layers under the skin and clearly defined facial features. If your little one is a girl, she will already have half the eggs she will be born with. Sex organs can now be identified on an ultrasound. Right now, your baby is awake for about 6 hours a day.

You are likely to experience symptoms of breathlessness, lower back discomfort, frequent urination, and achiness in your belly. Your uterus has now reached your belly button creating a scarcity of space. Your belly button maybe begin to pop out and your linea nigra is probably getting darker. Your weight will be increasing. Be careful to stay on track so that you don’t gain too much.”- My Pregnancy App- Health & Parenting Ltd.

This week it was time for my anomaly scan. As I mentioned previously, this is the scan that occurs around week 18-20 where the sonographer will take a detailed look at baby to check for any signs of abnormalities. They may also be able to tell you the sex of the baby at this stage but it’s not always possible and some hospitals have a policy of not telling people the sex.

We had decided that we didn’t want to find out the sex of baby wood. It was so hard to stick to this! Knowing that this is the week we can find out. This is day we can find out. Right at this moment we can find out. The sonographer knows- shall I ask now?! Do I, don’t I? It is really hard decision to make. I kinda wish I had the decision taken out of my hands. And I’m starting to think hospitals should stop people from being allowed to know the sex of their baby anyway. There’s so much in the press recently about sex-selective abortions being on the rise in the UK (around 4,700 baby girls were thought be have aborted in 2012) but that’s a topic for a different time.

We arrived for the scan, excited to see bambino on screen again. This time my mother came along too but conveniently left before I had my cervical scan, which, by the way, went really well; my cervix is the same as it was at 14 weeks. Fingers crossed it’s looking unlikely that I have cervical weakness! The sonographer popped the scan on my belly and low and behold- baby rolls over! This diva-child really has camera issues!

My Rita Cat!

My Rita Cat!

The sonographer was able to check out most things but couldn’t get a good look at the arteries and check for a cleft palate- obviously as baby was showing us the back of her head!- so we’re booked in for a follow up scan on 3rd Feb to confirm a few details. Which means we have 3 weeks in a row of scans again this scan, Helen next week and back for another anomaly scan the week after!

I’m feeling more and more movements from the little diva this week- hopefully won’t be long before Mr. W can have a feel too! And my Rennie consumption has gone down a hundred fold! Indigestion is making a speedy disappearance it would seem! Maybe this child won’t be as hairy as I thought? Or maybe this baby has got so hairy there’s nothing more left to grow…? Reminds me of a horrible nightmare I had a few days ago in which I gave birth to a cat. Nice. Regarding my other symptoms, the only one really left is restless legs which aren’t really that bad anymore. I’m tiered quite a lot but what’s new? I’m growing a human in me. All in all I’m quite happy!

Highlight of the week? Fairly materialistic of me, but after a phone convo with pops he’s offered to buy me and Mr. W a new pram! Yay! Fear not you superstitious bunch, I will not have the pram in my home until baby is born!

Low of the week? My dreams continue to get weirder! So far this week, I’ve been attacked by a lion, my parents have got back together (despite being separated for almost twenty years and both being with new partners- one married) and- my favorite- I gave birth to a cat. This one seems to be recurrent, I could swear I had the same dream whilst pregnant with Harry!

Week 12: And Thus Endeth My Happy Little World Where No One Knew…


Hello week 12 and goodbye little world where only me Andy and baby knew of the baby’s existence!

This is it now, no going back. We’ve exposed ourselves to this world where people’s manners and social filters disappear. A world where they can feed you total exaggerated bullcrap and expect you to sit there like a little puppy dog, wide-eyed taking it all in with delight and horror in the appropriate places. Kill me now.

Everyone’s thrilled- of course- especially after what happened with Harry. They can all focus on the positives of a new baby now instead of the negatives of losing the first one. For me that’s not so easy. A tiny angry part of me often thinks people may be using my rainbow baby as a reason to push Harry under the carpet. He did exist. It did happen. I will never forget that.

Happily, I saw the little bean again this week as we went for Nuchal scan round 2! photo-4This only seemed to confirm my suspicions more that baby is a girl- as soon as we got the scan under way she rolled over so the sonographer couldn’t get to the neck (total diva-like behaviour in my opinion) which meant we had to get up, jump around, go for a walk, get a drink, go to loo- try anything that we could in 20 minutes to make her move which proved unsuccessful! Luckily the sonographer did manage to get a satisfactory look at the back of the neck to do the test and she rewarded us with a wee picture of bambino, pouting at the scanner- See? Total girl.

My symptoms cease to end and I’m still struggling to eat more than a few handfuls at a time without puking or burping for hours after. However, work are now clued up on my pregnancy so booking time off for appointments should hopefully be easier and at least they understand why I’m permanently in the toilet of an afternoon!

Baby is now common knowledge between friends and family and I’m bracing myself for the inevitable onslaught of unwelcome advice, tips and anecdotes of pregnancy, child-birth and child rearing I’m bound to receive at full force!

I just can’t wait to hear all about Aunty Carol’s 89 hour labour where she lost 7 gallons of blood and was ripped from vagina to asshole before having baby Alec pulled from her V-JJ by big medieval forceps. Yummy. Did you know after the birth she had 3 million stitches in her minky and was given 24 blood transfusions? She couldn’t walk for a month, could never have sex again and now she poo’s where she used to wee and wee’s where she used to poo! Poor cow. She was in soooo much pain during child-birth she screamed until she permanently destroyed her voice forever and begged the midwifes to just let her die, to ease her out of this never-ending world of horror.

And her husband (pah!) he didn’t have a good time either, no sir he did not! Did you know she removed her husband’s penis whilst she was in labour with only her fingernails as a punishment for impregnating her in the first place? And when the child was born and she started the slow agonizing grueling trek to recovery, did things get better for Aunty Carol? Pah! Think again! The child was unbearable! Didn’t sleep. Ever. Didn’t stop screaming for 3 months solid. Aunty Carol went insane. Her and Uncle Bob couldn’t leave their house for days- they ran out of food it was terrible. Do you know they’ve never spent a night apart from little Alec? He’s 25 now… still wets the bed… Yawn.

photo 1-1

Ugh, puuuurrrlease! All of this begs the question why on earth would anyone have a child in the first place? If such a horror guaranteed labour is in stall for us all why would we do it? Why would do it multiple times? If the majority are to be believed the child is hardly worth it after all. What with its continuous screaming and shitty nappies- did you know babies poo by the way because I had no idea!- it’s a dead cert to ruin your life… right?

I’m not playing down the pains of labour here. Everyone knows it’s possibly the most painful thing ever and yes there are women who suffer through truly horrific births- luckily these are few and far between in the grand scheme of things. And I’m not saying babies are easy but I’m sure the majority of women and men who plan pregnancies have an understanding of what they’re getting themselves into. The way people carry on it’s like they think I’ve never been in contact with a child before and am under some sort of delusion that once I pop the baby out I can go on my merry way with the child nothing but an occasional inconvenience. I am not a moron. I often wish I could simply reply with “Don’t patronise me you prick.” Of course this would probably cause an awkward atmosphere which would make some uncomfortable…

So why, then, do we have babies in the first place? Why would we put ourselves through all that hell?!

The answer is pretty simple and very beautiful…

photo 2-1


Stretch marks, cracked nipples and sleepless nights. Being covered in sick and having baby food in your hair. Instead of listening to your favourite CD you’re listening to crying on a loop… Instead of going out partying you’re reading the same bed time story for the eighth time in a row. Instead of smelling like Chanel you’re smelling like poo and gone off milk… But none of that matters!

For every negative there’s a better more brilliant positive.

First words. First smiles. First cuddles. Not just the “firsts” but the seconds and thirds and fourths. Seeing their tiny chests rise up and down when they’re breathing during sleep. Watching them light up when they see you walk into a room or wondering how they can be so fascinated with an empty toilet roll tube and a fridge magnet.

Not just being a baby but growing into a child, developing their own weird and wonderful personality- with a hint of mum and dad mixed in. Sports days and birthday parties, family holidays, rainy days colouring… hearing them say “I love you” or crying out for you after a nightmare or a fall because just no one else will do!

School plays, muddy puddles, bike rides… every and any event that will turn into a treasured memory that nothing can beat and you will never forget. You can even take comfort in the teenage tantrum stage- teenagers are supposed to push boundaries, rebel against the rules and scream the house down- its normal! If your child turns into a crazy dramatic teen; well done! You did your job right!

So, as far as I’m concerned, you can take your labour stories that belong in Saw Films and your child raising stories that belong in Chucky Films and you can stick them where the sun don’t shine! Because I’ve never met a parent who said it wasn’t worth it- and if one such person even exists- they didn’t do it right.

Highlight of the week? Baby’s looking happy and healthy!

Low of the week? Every time I stand up from my work chair and put my left leg forward, there’s an audible pop and a stab of pain from the back of my pelvis where it joins with my left leg- ahh the joys of sciatica!